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Ready to go

Funky Buddha

So here I am, ready to go on the biggest trip I’ve been on, departing in less than 24 hours.  I’ve got a mix of excitement and nervousness.  Obviously the excitement to see these southeast Asian countries I’ve always wanted to see; while on the other hand, nervous about finally going into drastically different culture (a ‘non-western’ culture if you will – quite unlike my trips to Europe).  It will be my first time traveling with my friend Duncan (from High-School back in B.C.), yet we’ll undoubtedly miss our mutual friend (and my regular travel buddy) Vlad.  None the less, we’re both looking to immerse ourselves in the culture for as long as possible streching out our dollars.

It will be my longest day of travel (plane wise) I have ever been on. A 05:00 drive to the airport, where I fly into Chicago for a 3 hour layover.  Then the flight to Tokyo, where I will meet Duncan (coming in from Vancouver) after my 4.5 hr layover, and the final flight into Bangkok landing just before midnight.  It should be an awesome adventure trying to find out Hostel so late… A hostel I’m hoping doesn’t give our reserved room to someone else.

Backpack is lighter than my European trips (anticipating buying a bunch of shirts there), and my ipod has an excessive amount of DVD’s on it to get me through the layovers + flights.  After a failed attempt at a mere trimming of my hair, I opted to revert back to my buzzcutBuzzcut – saving me the hassle of doing the hair, bringing gel, and being weary of lice from possible sketchy hostels.  The only other chance is the amount of meds brought (anti-malaria…etc).  I opted to not buy the anti-diarrhea pills, but to go with the recommended (but less effective) pepto-Bismol pills.  Talking with Duncan we both fully expect to get sick in some way/shape/form anyways, so I’m not to worried about this.

That’s all for now.  I’ll try to update this blog if/when possible, or just tweet my updates for anybody interested.

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