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What a first day

What a first day here in Bangkok.

Started out with  a 06:00 wakeup, where we quickly learning to be weary of tuk-tuk drivers.  After a quick 200 meter drive, we decided it best to just walk through chinatown.  So early in the morning we were the only tourists around.  Walking through the market everybody was wondering what we were doing at such a time of the day.  You notice everyone staring at you, but a quick smile and hello and they are happy.  We then had the priveledge of being invited into the early morning ceremonies at a buddhist temple, where we saw a young monk (no more than 10 years old) who was preparing for the days festivities and seemed to enjoy the fact we wanted to nab pic’s of him doing his thing.

We then managed to nab a tuk-tuk for 60 baht (roughly $2) to drive us around some sights for a couple hours… apparently gas was handed out free by either the government or the king on sundays to the tuk-tuk drivers.  One of the sights was the temple housing The Lucky Buddha.  We were the first ones in for the day and got to chatting it up with the man who overlooks the security of this national artifact.

Then we heading out to our intended destination (which got delayed due to the tuk-tuk bargain) to go see the big floating market 2 hrs out of Bangkok.  I still don’t think we got to the real/our intended market, but none the less taking the advice of an old Malaysian man we got off at a bus stop, and walked around another floating market.  Instead of hiring a boat to go up the river and buy from boat vendors, at this one we sat on the riverside steps which served as seating to the boat vendors who docked to sell their food.  15 Baht got us soup from an old lady, and it turned out pretty good.  We walked along the river where this deep voiced lady startled me as we walked by her.  Was kind of weird to see one a thai tranny aka ladyboy.  Then monsoon season kicked in and it began to pour.  We decided to fit in with the locals, and get under shelter, but after 15 mins we decided to just put on the rain jackets and try and navagate the puddles.  A tattooed monk invited us in his temple to escape the rain, and we waited the end of the downpour with him all alone in his temple.  After the rain subsided we went to where the bus dropped us off worrying we wouldn’t be able to find a ride back to Bangkok, but luckily we found our Malaysian friend who helped us identify the right bus back.

After getting back to the south bus terminal, we decided to head for the big mall – MBK – which is where I currently sit while typing.  This huge malls puts all canadian malls to shame! Eaton Center, Sherway Gardens, West Edmonton have nothing on this.  There are alot of westerners here.  We had dinner for 35 baht – just over 1 dollar.  Passport photo’s only cost $3 here (as opposed to $7 at home), and movies are only $3 as well – in a classy state of the art cinema.

Well, that’s all for now… We’re gunna walk through the red light district on the way to the hostel to see just how many pathetic fat old american sex-tourists we can see… I’m wondering if they will be as slum as the ones in Amsterdam I saw (fannypacks + beer bellies).  Off to the temples of Angkor Wat tomorrow morning… That is if we’re able to navagate our way through the border guards and their tryign to pad their pockets.

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