All I got to say today is I Love Canada.

My Dad got ahold of the Canadian Embassy and they opened a case file for me.

What’s happened is basically everyones up like 10-15 mins before 06:00.  Both because it’s sunny and because Nurses come around to take temperatures (I was down to 37.2 today).

Then it’s basically a struggle to kill time.  Videos on my ipod and the book: “The Bourne Betrayal” has helped me kill time.  They brought me some pretty good soup this morning and took orders today.  I got pizza (Pizza-hut-knockoff) for lunch, and a nice spaghetti for dinner.  We’ve all been chatting to, estimating when each of us will get out.

As for Canada I seriously got a little choked up when I heard an english voice on my room speaker… It was the lady from the Canadian Embassy.  Just letting me know they now know where I am…I suspect due to my dad opening the case…NOT because they said yesterday they contacted my embassy for me!  That’s the first thing you learn here: any Vietnamese people associated with police, healthcare, or government here will lie through their teeth at you:

Case in point…. They tell everybody they will be held a minimum of 4 days before gettign tested.  But what they are doing is withholding the testing they promised on the 4th day in quarantine and dragging it out until day 5 or 6 or 7.

Anyways, the lady from the embassy gave me business cards, English newspapers, and a cell-phone, telling me to call if need be…

NOBODY else has got that yet… Nobody. No Australians, No Americans… I’m damn proud to be Canadian right now, keeping their eyes out for our interests.

I’m also glad I have the phone, because I will use it as leverage if they refuse to permit me my test on the 4th day, and try to keep me in here longer… Just say I’ll call my embassy to give the Vietnamese doctors an earfull…

Untill next time~!

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