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Last Post From Quarantine

Yes, it’s good news but bad news.

A bunch of tests came back today… Strangely enough, their not permitting those tested to be released until 08:00 tomorrow…

So my Australian roomate Patrick, got his results back, and he’s negative… So he’s out tomorrow.

Minh, along with this laptop will be gone at 08:00… she also tested negative.

Our other Vietnamese-born, australian friend leaves tomorrow as well.

As does the 16 year-old Cambina, (pronounced “cambine”),  Poor girl was in here for 15 days.  She was basically living in her room (she didn’t have roomates), locked door… So i’ve been coming to her window and having chats with her for a while, keeping spirits up.

As for the rest of us… Me and Bryce are left to mingle… We hang with Quy, the man from Phoenix, who is a Vietnamese citizen and can translate for us… I’ve just been cracking jokes

As i’ve said before they’ve been lying to people about their time required here (what did I expect from Communists?)… Saying 4 days, and not testing until day6/7.

My 4th day of pills is tomorrow… My stragegy has been to bug the hell out of the nurses here, so they want me to leave… I’ve been asking them all if they want to  take me home with them… then shout out a “call me baby”…

They all chuckle at me and have no idea what I say… Quy translated once for the nurse, and she started laughing at me… Guess I didn’t float her boat… Even if i decorated my surgical mast with a felt-moustache….

I’ve been sweettalking the morning nurse who takes our temperatures, so I’ll try and get her to draw blood for tests tomorrow so i can hopefully get out that afternoon…

I seriously doubt that will happen so I think Thursday will be the morning I get the blood tests done, and will be able to leave thursday afternoon.  All I have to do is pay my food bill and call the canadian embassy who will bring a car to pick me up.

So here’s to wishing… Thursday.

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