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Last Day Quarantine?

Well I woke up this morning prior to 05:00… Although could you blame me?

I was brimming with excitement to get my test done this morning… 5:30 the nursed waddled in to draw my blood.  Although I wasn’t that professional with the two other tests.  The first was the back-of-the-throat swab, where they stick a swab down the back of your throat.   I have an easy gag reflex, so I was trying to tell her it would be best to do it standing up near the toilet in case I gagged and threw-up, but the message wasn’t getting through.  None the less, she shoved that swab down my throat, and I promptly gagged, and stuck my tounge up.  I’m pretty sure she only got my tounge on the swab, but oh well.  The other test was basically the same thing except they shoved the giant q-tip swab up your nostril… This one seems more scary to me, as I don’t want them going up too far and touching my brain or anything… Come out from my test retarded or something?  Anyways I told the lady I know what a lifetime snorter of cocaine feels like after that shove-up-the-nostril.

So the results are apparently going to be ready at 15:00 today… Although I don’t know how muich weight I really put in that being the truth, since they tested about 7 or 8 people yesterday, and told them results would be ready 15:00 yesterday.  Sure enough they weren’t.  In fact all those people who got tested yesterday morning got tested again this morning alongside myself.

I’m going to get the consulate lady on the phone, to make sure they release me at 15:00 today and don’t try and keep me overnight.  The excuse the doctors been using is that he’s gone home and has no time for the paperwork until the morning (so why restest them today?).  Welcome to the joys of communism… You lie through your teeth and it’s all good.  Maybe they give you a promotion for exceptional service to the party AKA superior lying ability.

Anyways the Canadian embassy is sending a car to pick me up once released, so I’ll get Duncan to get here around 15:00, so we can head there right away.  Basically all we need to get done is renew our Visa’s then catch a train to Hoi An and Hue tomorrow.  Halong Bay and Hanoi after that, then we can get out of this horrible country and over to Laos…

So here’s to hoping I get out this afternoon… If I don’t, I”ll turn into the Incredible Hulk, and go apeshit in here…hahahahah…. that or it will be a really grumpy person typing the next message.

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