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Back in Thailand – Chiang Mai

After writing the last entry and awaiting the end to the rainfall (didn’t come), we headed back to our guesthouse to do – well nothing.  The rain kept coming down, so we figured to read books and listen to ipods on the patio.  We had dinner at a place on the main strip serving Lao Cuisine.  Duncan opted for the fish – a really bad call in lieu of the fact there was a little kitten wandering the resteraunt.  Not just any kitten, a really crafty one.  It kept jumping up onto Duncans lap trying to get at the fish, so Dunc had to eat with his body angeled.  The cat then got smart and went around the other side of him, climbed a pole, and was trying to jump from there onto our table.  It was quite an interesting meal.

After that we waited at our guesthouse for an hour or so before we saw our Dutch friends for the third time this trip (it’s a small world) Jinko and Anoek.  So we hollered down at them, and tagged along for their trip to dinner.  We caught up over dinner (me and Duncan already ate so opted for a course consisting of Beerlao’s), before heading over to the other side of the mountain to have some drinks at a bar.  Complementary Lao-Lao’s (mixed w/ Kool-aid?) hit the spot before we all went back to our guesthouses.

The next day we got up at 9, picked up our laundry, then nabbed some coffee and muffins.  The night previous we arranged for a 40,000 kip tuk-tuk to the airport for 11:00, and he thankfully showed.  The guy took us to a currency exchange where we rid ourselves of kip, and picked up some Thai Baht.  The airport was the smallest one I’ve ever been to.  They do the security/bag check at the door to the building.  There are approximately 4 check in counters (only about 10 daily flights at the airport).  We sat in the main lobby for a bit watching TV, before heading through the border control place and waiting at our gate.  There were 2 Lao Army Hercules aircraft parked on the tarmac outside our gate, and a army guard was wandering about with an Ak-47 strapped around his shoulder.  15 mins later a Lao Airlines plane touched down, which was followed by ours 10 mins later.  We walked accross the tarmac and boarded our first flight ever on a Turboprop.  We were right beside the propeller’s so it was kind of loud, but other than that the aircraft was nice.  I figured the accelleration would be minute compared to jet-engines upon takeoff, but it wasn’t.  Aside from descent it was one of the smoothest rides I’ve been on.  They even gave us lunch (yes LUNCH) on the 1-hour flight… Take that Air Canada!!!

We shared a tuk-tuk from the airport in Chiang Mai with a fellow Canadian named Trevor (from Stoney Creek, about to move to Victoria).  A quick wander around and we opted to stay at the Supreme House.  We opted for seperate rooms since they were so cheap (150 Baht/night).  We did a quick walk-around (and stocking up on water from 7-11) before having dinner at a place called “The Local.”  We then went back to our hotel to have a beer and chat to kill time.  Duncan wasn’t feeling well after so I headed out around 22:00 to check out the Sunday Night Market.  It went for a few blocks, and was jam-packed with tourists.

This morning (Aug 3), we slept in before doin ga quick 2-hr walk of the sights.  We saw 4 Buddhist temples along with the  3 kings monument and the womens prison (where we will be getting a massage from inmates on Wednesday…yes you read that correctly).  I just had some 45 baht Pad Thai (better than My Thai in Ontario) along with a coffee shake that hit the spot.  We’re chilling at a net cafe with pretty much nothing else on the plate for today (aside from booking a trekking tour).  We’re likely going to stay here another two days (1 day of trekking, 1 day to visit tigers and get a traditional Thai massage at the womens prison) before heading down to Phitsanulok for a day or two, then heading to Bangkok for my bday.

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