The Delay

First off the delay.  I had a pretty wicked post written up on wordpress in Chiang Mai, only to have it all wiped with no edit/undo option with the online blog posting.  It took some Buddha-like self-control on my part to bite my lip and not throw out profanities at the net-cafe full of Thai’s.  If you ask Duncan I did whisper out a few F-Bombs.  Needless to say that dampened my blogging-optimism for a while.  It’s really inconvienent to blog at net cafes, especially ones that can’t upload pics or HD-Vid’s from my camera.  I was just going to wait until getting home to upload and post everything through my Mac (note-to-self: Must-take on my next trip), but yesterday (Aug. 14) was a chill day in Patong, and walking through the mall i decided to pick up a notebook to “pre-write” my posts.  Oh, and yes, it is only possible to buy little childrens cartoon notebooks here in asia.  I’m writing in a “do good in class” (w/ little cartoon characters down the side). It’s the Asian cultures unhealthy obsession with childrens cartoons…  “Hello-kitty-syndrome” if you will.  I mean where else is it really acceptable for a 40+ year old adults (women + Children) to pass time by reading comic-books (no offense comic-book-geeks, but it’s not really acceptable in the western world past age 10).  Tack  that one on to my pet-peeves of Asian culture list. But I digress.  Back to posting.  Here’s some catching up today:

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