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Sukothai (Aug 5-6)

The 5.5 hour bus ride to Sukothai was a little shakey.  After our Laos bus crash we were rather pessimistic on the driving abilities of Southeast Asians.  The bad roads mixed with crosswinds gave the bus a wobble.   I though we would tip a couple times, but we managed to arrive alive.

Sukothai had the most limited selections of rooms yet.  The only things offered to us were tiny rooms with a shared bathroom.  We opted to splurge and get a bungalow.  Spacious, with a patio and private bathroom for 400 baht.  It had only 1 bed so I paid Duncan an extra dollar and he opted to sleep on a mattress on the floor.  We weren’t iompessed with the restraunt selection in town so we decided to sample various roadside foods: a fried dough, sticks of beef, and soup with chicken friend rice…all for a cool 45 baht.

Duncan headed top a bar, whil I picked up some Beer Chang and headed back to the Bungalow patio.  Duncan returned and we attempted to read magazines while sipping beers on the patio but the mosquitto’s got the best of us and we had to pack it in early.

The next morning we headed to the ancient temples.  We hopped on the local songthaew which took us there in 20 minutes.  Once there we rented bikes to explore the ruins.  These buddhist ruins in my eyes were up there in beauty with the ones of Angkor.  The only thing setting them apart were size, and the fact there were less temples put on a smaller plot of land.  We stoped to explore the handfull of ruins before heading back into town.  We grabbed a microwavable lunch from 7/11 before picking up our bags and heading to the bus station on a funny looking (reversed?) tuk-tuk.  We got to the station at 11:57 for the 12:00 bus and just made the connection for the  6 hour ride to Bangkok.

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