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1 Month to Go!

Well, here we are. Another year, another trip.  Time to get this blog up and rolling again, for what, in all likelihood, will be my last big 2+ month trip.  The ‘real world’ beckons (hopefully not like it did last year), and in it there’s not many jobs giving 6-9 week vacations while your young.

One month to the day I will be arriving in Santiago Chile.  The 65-day trip will be the biggest trip yet.  My travel companion for the summer will be my Australian friend Paul.  We met on a Contiki trip to Europe, and we laughing our asses off while joking around for two weeks.  Oddly enough, we both studied the same stuff in University.  I expect it to be much of the same fun as I had on previous trips with Vlad and Duncan.

This week I have fired up the learning Spanish + Brazilian Portuguese podcasts.  So far I have to say that Spanish is possibly the only doable one.  It’s relatively easy to pick up, with words that are more related to English than other languages.  I say this with the knowledge I’ve already been to Spain and Cuba, and was like a fish out of water trying to communicate with locals.  With that said, I have never really been disciplined in my efforts to pick up key phrases in various languages, so hopefully Spanish will be different.  Brazilian Portuguese on the other hand is so difficult I feel utterly hopeless.  The thing I worry about is the fact most people I’ve talked to that are in-the-know, have told me compared to other countries Brazil has a relatively low portion of English speakers.  Most places I’ve been have ‘the youth’ as the ones who know English.  The fact we’re going to be in Brazil for 3 weeks means we have to get some Portuguese down… It’s no good being in the country claiming to have the most beautiful women in the world and not being able to speak to them.  So study I will, and with that kind of motivation? There’s not doubt I should learn more than I ever did in school.

Preperation-wise things are looking solid.   I got my vaccinations last week and Paul looks to be getting his this week.  A Yellow Fever vaccination along with a Hep-A booster was all that was needed.  It sure beat the 5 shots (in the same arm…causing me to get as dizzy as ever) I got prior to Thailand.  The only issue was that the doctor wouldn’t give me both at the same time so I could get out of there.  I had to wait 30 mins after the Yellow-Fever shot, because there is a chance on can go into shock from the dose.  When I asked how frequent this happened, instead of receiving the reassuring ‘1 in a million’, the doctor said ‘1 in a thousand…or so.’  Needless to say I didn’t go into shock, so I’m all-good.   A certification for the Yellow Fever vaccine is needed in order to obtain the Brazilian Visa.  Now that I have that I’m one step closer to that Visa.  Next up: dropping off the application to the Brazilian consulate in Toronto early next week.

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