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Off to the Airport

Well, the time has arrived.  I’m off for the big trip.  These past couple of days have been filled with ups and downs.  Downs mainly doing with timing and modes of travel.  There’s just too much to see in too little time (65 days too long?….quite so).  The ups occur when I see something I really want to do/see down there, I just get adrenaline pumping through me ready to head off.

How am I feeling right now?  Well obviously excited, but this trip – unlike my previous ones – is filled with underlying worries, mainly for two things:

This is a picture of a police chopper THAT WAS SHOT DOWN by gangsters in the favela’s in Rio.  Crime in Brazil is a huge concern for me.  I’m always acutely aware of everything around me (bag/wallet wise), but I am honestly not prepared for the possibility of a bus robbery on the highways.  I’ve heard alot about these somewhat frequent occurrences, and being as we’re traveling by bus, I’m stressing about this a little.

The second also has to do with transport.

This is a picture of a Peruvian bus crash… Now as we were in a bus that crashed in Laos last year, I’m a little paranoid about this.  Not to mention the similarities in landscape (mountains + cliffs anyone?).  Lucky for us last year we fell onto the mountainside of the round, rather than cliff side.  I just hope we can only be as lucky this time around.

Im off to the airport in 1 hrs time.  Bad news is Paul’s flight is delayed 3 hrs, so I will now have to wait 5 hrs at the airport at Santiago for him.  Some quick numbers:

177 lbs = My current body weight.  I usually drop 10 lbs/trip by lugging the backpack around, but we’ll see what the hiking does to me this time.

38 lbs = weight of my pack…. I’m honestly impressed with this. Especially considering I know I slightly over-packed shirt wise (but still plenty of room for Alpaqua sweaters + beanies).

2 – the number of rolls of toilet paper. 1 per bag… I hate these less developed nations lack of poo-wipes.  Honestly, why do I need to carry this stuff?  … Oh, I’m happy to longer be using squat toilets, but the tradeoff in South America is that apparently you don’t discard the TP down the crapper – rather you place it in a bin beside the toilet… I guess this is still more sanitary than Southeast Asia’s “wipe-with-water” technique… Still disguisingnone the less.

6 – the number of Spanish sayings: (a) Dos tequila’s por Pavor [two tequilas please], (b) Dos Cervesa’s por pavor [2 beers please], (c) Gracias senior/senoira [thank you], (d) Hola senoir/senoira [hello sir/mrs], (e) Dunde esta el Banjo [where is the washroom], and most importantly (f) habla usted ingles? [do you speak English?]

Well time to get some food in me. Departure time: 23:40 from Pearson.  Direct flight to Santiago, where I land at 10:10.

Adios Amigos!

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