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Adios Chile!!!

The final night of our first round of Chile has come, and what a wrap up it was.

Since the last post we took the 21:00 bus to Chile.  Checkout from the Eden hostel was 11:30, so we had lots of time to kill.  They thankfully let us leave our bags at the hostel, so we wandered the town, buying our bus ticket, and making the effort to seek out the food locals ate rather than the restaurant food.  We had lunch for $5, as opposed to the $12 we had been spending each meal at restaurant’s .  Around 17:00 we started to regret this late bus, as the temperature dropped and we couldn’t really go to, nor make our own, campfire.

So here is me freezing before we leave.  My head is remarkably warm thanks to my newly purchased Chilean-flag beanie, made of Alpaca fur.  Soon enough the time came and we boarded our 21:45 bus to Arica.  The bus ride started off good enough, but after about 50 mins it turned into a sauna.  The heater was right beneath my foot to and I got burned sporadically throughout the trip.  I just remember waking up after about 30 mins of sleep ridiculously hot and dying for water.  I quickly stripped off my pants and hoodie before pounding back my water.  That seemed to do the trick, as I got a good 5 hrs of sleep before that.

We arrived in Arica just before 06:00 and it was still dark out.  We caught a collectivo taxi into town for $3 only to discover our hostel, and every other building in the neighborhood was boarded up.  It was a really sketchy situation.

So we wandered around town before realizing it would probably be better just to put our stuff down and sit on it while we waited for time to pass.  Just after 7 we heard locks rattling and managed to get into the hostel (Arica Surf House).  We immediately fell back asleep until noon.

After we woke up we took a look around town.  We caught some lunch at McDonalds (such tourists).  Although some Latina’s there seemed to really enjoy the fact we spoke English, so Americanized food-outlets do have their perks.  After eating we walked along the coast to a pier to check out the ocean.  After that we climbed up the giant hill to get a nice panoramic view of Arica.

After this we climbed back down to find the train station.  Lonely Planet let us down yet again, claiming the train station as a giant dormant building.  After some trial and error we finally found the station a good 3 blocks from where Lonely Planet claimed it was.  We bought our tickets for the morning train to Tacna, Peru.

After this we pretty much kicked back.  First we stopped at a patio cafe to have a pitcher of beer.  After this we went to a supermarket to stock up on water + breakfast for tomorrow’s trip.  Paul had to hang a leak so bad he was practically throwing things off the shelf in his rush to get out of the store.  This of course caused me to rush my shopping, where I mistakenly picked up  a giant jug of Orange juice that I though was my favorite drink here (Nectar Juice).  None the less, off we went to prevent Paul from wetting his pants in the middle of the street.  After a quick layover we went back to the patio cafe to have a $4 dinner, before cruising the strip and heading back to the hostel, where I currently sit.

Tomorrow: 09:00 train to Tacna, Peru – where we will catch a bus to Arequipa, Peru to spend a couple of nights next to the  three Volcanoes

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