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Day 9 – July 10th

Today was a day of changes. First thing up this morning we had to change hostels. Us being backpackers and on a very flexible schedule, we didn’t have firm dates set for how long we were going to stay in Arequipa, hence we only told Sillar we would be staying 2 nights. Lucky for us they had this other hostel: The Colonial, who they are affiliated. It turned out for the better, as our room here is huge (3 beds) with a private bathroom, and a fridge, along with 2 couches, a closet and 3 tables… Not to mention the Wifi was broken at the other place, whereas the Colonial has it’s Wifi up and running.

Before we left Sillar, we had a chat with one of the girls there, Laura. She asked us if we had already booked “the $300 Inca Trail tour.” No, we informed her, we didn’t have everything laid out squarely enough to commit the required 6 months in advance in order to get the Inca Trail permit. Why does she ask? Well, it turns out Laura had been trying to get into the Inca Trail to ride it via mule. Apparently the Peruvian authorities wouldn’t let her, and she didn’t want to hike it alone. It turns out she knows someone who can get us access to do the 4-day Inca Trail hike by ourselves (WITHOUT PORTERS) and subsequently bypassing the 6-month waiting list. So we expressed our interest, exchanged contact info then kissed her goodbye while we went off to our new hostel.

So off we went from our new hostel to buy our souvenirs. Paul’s inability to run a proper budget meant he spent to much on things for the second day in a row. I was mindful of our budget along with the room remaining in my bag, so I limited my purchases to; a Inca Kola T-shirt, a colorful Inca toque, along with a nice thick pair of mittens – all for roughly $10.50 Canadian.

After buying some goodies we headed back to the alley behind the church for lunch. This time we stuck to a table on ground level, and we each had a 15 sol meal (just under $6) consisting of soup, chicken, and some wine.

Over lunch we began talking about how this trip was shaping up to more than we imagined.

Ben: We were already locked into climbing a Volcano, and now this wonderful opportunity to hike the Inca Trail comes about?

Paul: It’s gotta be too good to be true.

Ben: That Laura girl is really pretty to, I definitely wouldn’t mind hiking the Inca Trail with her.

Paul: So it’s just gunna be us three? No porters or anything? We have to bring our own tent?

Ben: Yea Paul, it’s the great outdoors. Just like Canada.

Paul: It seems a little shady.

Ben: Yea, bypassing a 6 month wait?

Paul: Have you ever seen Turistas?

Ben: Yea

Paul: You know how the hot girl set’s up the guys for the muggings right?

Ben: What, your saying a bunch of rugged-ass-Incans are gunna jump us and take our stuff?

Paul: Well….

Ben: Listen, one-on-one  I can take her man… And if not, we can just book it down the Inca Trail running without sleep

Paul: Hahahahahaha

Ben: Okay, you know what? It’s settled…If the opportunity’s there we’re doing this. We won’t have our valuables on us anyways as they are too heavy to carry, so we’ll have to find luggage storage in Cusco for them. Hiking the Incan Trail with a pretty girl who knows the language is possibly the best way to do this.

Paul: *gulps* alright then

So after that exchange we downed our wines and went off to stock up on our 5L of water required for our hike up Misti Volcano. Around 14:00 our Incan guide for tomorrows climb met with us to go over everything. First thing we noticed: man…this is intense. I thought it would be a nice little stroll up the hill to look at the Volcano.

No no no… Basecamp, 02:00 wake up to climb to peak, altitude sickness, things needed in our 50L (minimum) bags. This sounds like a legit climb. “How do we do for altitude” he asks? ‘Us?…well Australia over here just chills in his flat island chasing kangaroo’s and dingo’s all day, whereas me, Mr. Canada… I climb mountains all the time… Mt. Baker, Mt. Washington? You name it, I’ve pretty much done it.’ (Note: I neglect to mention the fact you basically drive to the top of these Mountains.) Well, that settles that… We’re all good for 08:00 tomorrow morning, I’ll see you boys then.

So we shake hands, and me and Paul each digest the information in different ways: I pull out the laptop and begin to write about the day, while checking up on Raptors news (Middle finger to Chris Bosh + Lebron James), whereas Paul promptly drops a massive dump in our rooms toilet (also forgetting toilet paper apparently doesn’t go in the toilet… apparently he fished it out.) I guess the volcano literally scared the shit out of him!

We’re going to start getting ready for the hike. Emptying out or big bags and repacking them with essentials, while heading out to grab more stuff suitable for the weather (apparently -20 at night… no biggie for us Canadians, but Australia over here might have issues.) We’ve got mix + match stuff: Paul just bought a great Alpaca sweater which will no doubt keep him warm, whereas I just nabbed some mittens. We’re both going to need to grab some thick socks, and possibly other layers, so more shopping is on tap for this afternoon, to ensure we don’t freeze to death tomorrow night. We arrive back in town before dinner on Monday, where we hope to catch the overnight bus to Cusco that night. I will be bringing my laptop up on this climb (not trusting it left in town), so I’ll try to make a vlog up at base camp tomorrow night. “Ummm….why isn’t there wifi up here? Helllloooooo, people get with the times!” In all seriousness I’m pretty excited for this.  Even cooler is the fact in 1998 some Incan mummies were found here, as they had been scarified into the crater.

Until then, Adios Amigos!

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