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July 16th (Day 15)

Shane, Ciara, and Sinead came into Cusco, Peru the day we were at Machu Picchu. We met them for lunch the following day (July 16th.) Ciara was still feeling sick from some bad food she ate the previous day, which led her to having one of the worst bus rides possible. Apparently to make matters worse, there was no water on the bus, so they borrowed some from an Australian couple behind them on the bus. While Ciara seemed close to death getting sick, the Australians had the audacity to ask for the water back. I’m pretty sure Australians are near the back of the pack within the commonwealth when it comes to politeness (Canada of course leads the way…although we’d never admit it.)

After lunch Paul and I opted to climb up the hillside of Cuzco to the Incan sight of Sacsayhuaman. It was a bit of a steep climb up stairs (200m) in order to avoid the 2km walk along the road. Once we got to the site the shady ticket-booth collector was trying to pad his wallet by saying we had to buy a 3-ruins ticket voucher (good for 10 days) to see the sight. I insisted there was a 1-admission ticket, yet he stood his ground. So out I whipped the Lonely Planet to show him, then he finally relented and agreed a 1-admission ticket for 2 amigo’s would cost 70 soles (as opposed to the 200+ soles for the other ticket.) I felt like winding up that Lonely Planet and smacking the clown with it.

None the less we toured the ruins, which are pretty much a 3-tiered 2 story high zigzagging wall of stone, along with another mountain of rocks off to the side. It made for some cool pictures. We also met some pretty Chilean girls traveling the site and had a chat with them (it pretty much affirmed that Chilean girls are the most beautiful girls out of the countries we’ve seen thus far…and the fact they are highly underrated.)

After the ruins we met up with the Irish again and had dinner at the highly recommended Inca Grill in the middle of the Plaza da Armas. I was tempted to order the Guinea Pig, but I opted for something safer (diced chicken with rice…apparently a distinctly Peruvian dish.) I finally tried the highly recommended Peruvian Hot Chocolate. They don’t put any sugar in it (much like coffee you add it yourself) but once added it truly is the best Hot Chocolate I have ever had.

After Dinner we went out for drinks. We went looking for an Irish Pub Shane went to the last time he was in Cuzco, but couldn’t find it. So we walked around looking for a bar, until finally finding our first stop: Kamikaze (recommended by Lonely Planet.) This was an odd little establishment, where upon entering we saw either:

A – Midgets


B – Really short men


C – Little kids

Doing some kind of dance where they clang bells, and did backflips (landing on their faces.)So we grabbed a table and sat while locals were enthralled by the performance. It was happy hour (apparently every hour of every day), so we all (except for Ciara in round 1) had the famous local Peruvian cocktail known as Pisco Sour. We stayed here for a few drinks, while an odd combination of 80-90’s music was playing. Finally (just when we were about to leave) a really cool band was playing. It was sort of a hybrid of light-rock and traditional Incan music (with the Flute added.) Right when I was starting to like it we decided to try a new place.

L to R: Sinead, Shane, Ciara

Pisco Sour

Me drinking a Pisco Sour

Next up we went back to the main plaza where we went to some African themed bar, which was pretty backed and quite good. Modern music was the bait we needed. The rest of the night was spent here with a booth overlooking the main plaza.

Elephant in upstairs of Bar

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