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La Paz Part 2 – Down days – July 26/27th

After another long bus ride we arrived back into La Paz early in the morning on the 26th.  The drive was a couple hours less than the ride up was, but the comfort level was still really low, so we were all pretty tired.  The 4 of us picked a cab, and headed off to the hostel we had all reserved into: The Wild Rover Hostel.  When we got there (before 07:00) none of our beds were ready yet.  The girls were booked in a large (10 bed?) dorm room, while me and Paul were in a 4-bed.  The four of us waited in their TV room where Coco popped in the dvd “The Box”.  I had a brief 20 min nap before me and Paul headed to our old hotel to pick up our big bags, and catch some breakfast at a cafe across the street.  We went back and pretty much chilled out the rest of the day.

We got into our room early afternoon before meeting up with the girls to search for a Pizza place we’d been recommended.  The pizza wasn’t  great at all.  We made the mistake of ordering a XL between me and Paul, which we wouldn’t finish.  So I gave the excess slices to a bum who was shuffling past.  After that we headed back to bar back at The Wild Rover, where we were surprised to see Michael (from the other group on the Amazon trip with us) along with his girlfriend and her friend.  We had a few drinks before hitting the day.

The next day was my day to get my 1/4 sleeve tattoo.  We stopped off our Laundry first at a local laundry mat, before heading towards the witches market.  Here was Eternal Tattoo, where I met up with Rodrigo Jimenez who drew me up my 1/4 sleeve consisting of local Bolivian art.  While he was drawing it me and Paul got breakfast and booked our Death Road Bike ride for the next day.  After that I headed back to Eternal where Rodrigo got to work for the next 3 hrs.  All said and done it looked amazing, costing me only 900 Bolivianos ($132 CAD.)

New Tat

After getting the sleeve done, I noticed my stomach began to feel off.  Rodrigo had written up the name of the cream to get for the Tatty in Spanish for me, saying I could get it at “any pharmacy”…. Of course the first 5 I went to didn’t have it in stock.  Finally I found one, and picked it up before heading back to the hostel at 16:00.  The girls were heading off for a bus, so the four of us headed up to the bar for a final drink.  We wished them the best, and promised to see each other again in Mendoza at the end of August.  Me and Paul then headed out to Marrakesh restaurant for some Moroccan food for dinner.  The food made my stomach even worse so I headed directly back to the hostel to go to bed and try and get better for the mornings bike ride.

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