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Rio Part 2: Aug 6-10

Aug 6: This morning Paul came back from his night out with Rohitt at 06:00 to wake up the entire dorm with his drunkeness.  Everyone laughed when after getting sick he all of a sudden turned on the shower.  It was an okay day to be hungover for him though, as we were switching hostels (and beaches) to one in Copacabana.  So at 11:00 we were all packed up and caught a cab over to Copa.  We’d opted for a private room after hating life in the dorm, so Paul was able to crash all day.  I headed out and walked around to get a rough idea of the layout of Copacabana.  I stumbled upon a theater where the movie ‘Inception’ was debuting in Brazil that night.  We’d heard good things about it and were already mad Brazil had a staggered release date for it, so I made the executive decision that we’d go and see it that night.  After dropping off laundry and getting some KFC for dinner (only cheap stuff available) we went and watched it, and were not dissapointed.

Aug 7:  This was the first day of sun, so we could not avoid going to the beach.  First up though was finding something to eat for lunch, which again turned into a giant mess with Brazil’s lack of food/restaurants.  We got so fed up and didn’t want to wait for the beach any longer that we just went to a crappy little burger place where we got something that can vaguely be described as a hamburger for $5.  After this, we chilled at the beach for a few hours.  Shortly after 17:00 the sun drops behind the high-rises so shade creeps up and it begins to get chilly, so everyone heads off around this point.

Day 1 of beach

Day 1 at Copacabana beach

We attempted to save money this day by eating at the market.  I decided to go cheap and fast by getting a microwavable lasagna.  It turned into such a mess that I could barely look at it while eating it.  The noodles were literally gray.  After this mess I went back to my room to catch up on all the episodes of the new season of Entourage I had missed while away, and laughed my ass off.

An odd thing happened though.  Paul was downstairs on the net while I was in my bunk watching the show, some random dude walked in.  The guy stood there, cased the joint out, then I guess noticed me and backed out.  Since I thought it was Paul I figured he’d forgotten something so I said “whats up?” and some American accent said “Just checking out the other rooms.”  Well you don’t “check out other rooms” in this place as each room has a key you need to get in (ours was unlocked so the key was in with me).  The dude was clearly casing the place out to steal something but by the time I realized it wasn’t Paul he was already gone out the door.

Aug 8 – Again this was a beach day.  We moved various times up and down the beach just soaking up sun.  A funny thing we noticed was this one plane carrying a banner actually kept honking a horn.  It’s my first time I’ve ever heard a plane honk, so we got a chuckle outta that.

Day 2: Copacabana beach

Example: Bad bum floss (front), good bum floss (rear)

Creeper pic I snuck of a bronze beauty

out for a swim

bracing for wave

Sugar Loaf Mountain in background

the scene

No swimming

On beach

I had lunch at McDonalds which was a win-loose situation.  It was the longest wait I’d ever had at a McD’s, and the pop machine was broken so all I got was syrup.  I went up with my scattered Portuguese throwing down the drink and saying “no me gusto,” (it’s Spanish) so they sent some employee out to the corner store to pick up 2L’s of coke to fill up peoples drinks manually with.  The good part about lunch was bumping into a cute girl from the Havaiana’s store.  She was on break but with scattered english gave me directions.



Vendor #2

kick back and relax

More pervin' it up

A beauty out for a run

Another girl

Police on quads

Coast guard rushing somewhere

Beachside road gets shut to vehicles

packing it in for the day

I headed back to the beach to enjoy the rest of the day before the sun crept behind the apartments again.  We went back to our hostel for a bit before deciding to go on a spending spree on flip-flops at the Havaiana’s store for our friends and family.  After this we grabbed a bite at our favorite cheap food joint: KFC.

My Haul - top two are for me

Aug 9:  We woke up to a bit out clouds,but it was our last full day in Rio and we had yet to see the statue of Christ the Redeemer.  It was one of the new wonders of the world, so we needed to get there.  The lady at the front desk told us it would rain soon, so we decided to cough up the little extra $ and get a cab there instead of waiting on the bus.

We got dropped off at the base of the hill where you can catch the train up.  We were told it was dangerously windy up top, but we needed to see it so we went ahead.  We were then told there was a long delay to get up there (2-3 hours), and we were already pressed for time so we opted to get a refund on our tickets and instead pay an extra $4 an share a taxi up to the top with some other people.  So up we got to the end of the road where you buy the admission ticket to the statue itself.  Here you get a 2 min shuttle bus up to the base of the stairs where you make a quick climb up to the statue.  It is big, but it didn’t seem as big as on TV or pictures.  It was really windy and cloudy, so it was basically a battle to get good pictures when the clouds left.  The platform was packed with tourists.  We spent a good 30-40 mins up here before heading back down to the taxi where we waited for 15 mins for this annoying Brazilian guy who took to long at the statue.

crammed in a cab up the mountain

As I approach Christ

View from up top

A very holy picture

Sugar Loaf mtn.

Paul and the big guy

The big man

The viewing platform

After this we all went back down to the base of the mountain where we opted to try our hand at public transport on the bus here.  It was a quick bus ride through Rio back to our hostel where it started to rain so we were kept indoors for the rest of the day.

On public transport

Aug 10: My birthday, Yay!  How did I celebrate?  Could it possibly top being on a Speedboat swimming, snorkeling, and enjoying the beaches around Ko Phi Phi in Thailand like I did for my 23rd birthday last year?  Quite possibly… NOT… nope for my birthday we were off on a 24 hour bus ride from Rio de Janeiro down to the border with Argentina at Foz do Iguacu.  We caught a metro as far north as possible before catching a cab (in total it worked out to 8 Reals each for the trip…quite a bargain considering the cab would have been 60-80 Reals.

The bus was rather uneventful aside from yet another little kid throwing up all over the bus (why so frequently to our bus?)  I caught some good sleep with my inflatable neck pillow and Paul was hating on it the whole trip.

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