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Cordoba – Aug 15-17th

Aug 15 – We rolled into Cordoba’s bus terminal just after 13:00.  The good thing about the cities terminal is it’s right in the center of the city, so from here we just walked to the recommended hostel.  It was still a fair hike.  Everything in the town appeared to be closed.  We found the hostel, but it turned out they had no rooms availible.  So we decided to drop all our bags in a McDonalds where we ate, while one of us looked at some other hostels without the bags.  I trotted off, again to be shut down.  We decided to head back the way we cam -to the bus terminal – to go in and ask at every hotel we could find.  We finally found a good one just out a few blocks from the terminal for 160 pesos ($42 CAD)/ night.

After dropping off our bags we walked around town to check out the main square and a bunch of the churches around town.  We decided we’d try and adapt to Argentian time (with 14:00 siesta’s + dinner at 22:00 + nightlife at 02:00), so we had a late afternoon beer to hold us through before heading back to the hostel to siesta.  We headed out for dinner at 21:45.  Everything was closed – and I mean everything.  I knew Sunday most would be shut but I didn’t think it would be this bad.  We found a mall where apparently the entire city congregated to the food court.  We scouted for a legit restaurant before giving up and heading to the food court.  I had a massive burrito with some chocolate covered sugared tortilla’s for dessert.

Aug 16th – Again everything seemed to be closed.  I later learned it was a holiday here, but for the entire day here we couldn’t figure what the heck was happening.  We thought the city might be “seasonal” or something… everyone vacated?  I walked around scouting for breakfast, where I settled for a local cafe.  Here I had a hell of a time with my spanish trying to order… The pasteries were easy enough (point + say “uno”), but trying to get a cappacino turned into a mess.  After a good 10 minutes of me repeating “Uno cappacino…Grande” I finally got one (albeit with a bunch of cinnamin in it… not really that great.

After this I headed to the bus depot, where my Spanish in trying to get info on bus times + ticket prices to Buenos Aires was amazing.  Me + Spanish is truely scattered.  I came back to the hotel where I grabbed Paul and we dropped off our Laundry before getting a bus ticket to Buenos Aires for the next night.  After the bus terminal we parted ways – Paul was going to call Quantas and bump up his flight – whereas I headed to a couple modern art gallery’s to check out some stuff.  It was a pretty cool building with 5 exhibits.  After that I headed to another type of ‘cultural block’ called Paseo del Buen Pastor.  It’s got some fountains around a modern building where people just sit around chillin’ and sipping matte.  It’s right beside an old church so the contrast is pretty interesting.  A bunch of people were dressed up in traditional outfits getting ready to perform, but I didn’t have time to stick around, so I walked through the main building (checking out the local art) before heading back for a siesta.  I nabbed a 1.5 L beer, option to try a new one – Iguana Beer – for a mere 5 peso’s ($1.31 CAD).

Paseo del Buen Pastor

A statue at Paseo del Buen Pasto

A local church

Outside the Art gallery

After Siesta we headed out at 22:00 to look for dinner.  Again it was slim pickings being a holiday and all, but we settled on some pasta at a type of diner place.  It was pretty bland but filling none the less.

Aug 17th – Today was a down day.  We had nothing planned but to catch our overnight bus at 21:00, so time was to be killed.  We decided to head to the mall to catch a movie.  We opted for different ones – Paul saw Predators, while I went to go see The Last Airbender.  It turned out my movie was going to be dubbed (Pauls was English w/ Spanish subs) so I said screw it and just walked around the mall and grabbed lunch.  I nabbed an ice cream on the way back to the hostel, as well as picking up my laundry.  I basically sat around the hotel killing time on the net and updating the blog.

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