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Iguacu Falls (Brazilian Side) – Aug 11-12

We arrived to Iguacu Falls (the Brazilian side) before noon on the 11th.  We put our bags down at the terminal and went to get info on the terminals location relative to town, and find out the best way to get to our hostel.  Oddly enough on our way out we saw an office for the hostel we’d reserved at: Bambu.  We calmly mentioned to the guy there that we were heading there right at that moment… Then we realized this guy was on crack.  All of a sudden dude flipped out saying “Okay, don’t freak out… I know you’ve been on a long bus ride from Rio, but you need to be calm, get some sleep”…. Meanwhile, we were still as calm a a whistle but with our jaws dropped while dude what accusing us of freaking out, yet still managing to try and convince us to make a reservation with him even though we already had a reservation.  We just kind of quietly backed away from the rambling guy and hopped in a cap for a short ride to the hostel.

We checked in to our room then had to go out to eat some lunch.  The lady at reception recommended we head to the market down the road and eat at their little food court.  It turned out to be a weight-your-meals type of place, but it still worked out to $1-2 less than a McDonalds meal would’ve cost.  It turned out to be pretty good food to.  After eating we figured we’d just enjoy the sun (it was a rather warm day) and take advantage of the hostels pool while we had the chance.  Before that the reception lady said she was in a bind and asked if we could help her out by taking a different room which wouldn’t be available until 17:00.  So we repacked our bags, and I started to get mad… Situations like this never turn out well.  Not to mention nobody appreciates repacking a bag that was just unpacked 1 hr ago.  So I vented by the pool.

After swimming, reading, and soaking up some rays we came back in when the sun dropped.  The girl who switched our rooms finished up her shift, and we were still waiting for our rooms.  By 19:30 we still hadn’t got our rooms and were beginning to get hungry, so I said something to new reception lady.  It turns out some girls who had a night bus were just sitting in the room casually trying to kill time (even though checkout is 10:00).   Talk about crappy customer service.  You have two new customers sitting there waiting for a room, yet you let two chick just sit there wasting time (note: there was an amazing lounge area at the hostel with TV, Couch, books…etc).  So I chirped up and told her to get the girls the heck outta there.  In the meantime me and Paul went out looking for food, settling on some good, safe McDonald’s.  Once we got back we were FINALLY given a room… About8.5 hrs after we were supposed to get one.

Aug 12:  This was the day of our trips final big “must-see” sight: Iguacu Falls.  We had to catch a city bus “outside” of McDonalds according to one of the workers at the hostel.  Sure enough we were waiting on the wrong side of the road, only noticing a bus heading in the opposite direction going to our destination.  So we ended up waiting a good 45 mins for the city bus.  It was a 20 minute bus ride all the way to Iguacu National Park.  From here we got our park admission, and were bussed to the tip of a trail that took you all along the side of the river valley.  From here you got a ton of views of the falls.  It was a overview of all the ones on the Argentina side.  At the end of the trail you get to a big falls on the Brazilian side.  There was a metal platform at the base of the falls where one could walk all the way to the cliffside to get a look all the way up to the top of the river valley (and a giant horseshoe shaped falls.)  Paul had lost his rainjacket, so he had to buy a white poncho from a kiosk right at the start of the platform.  I was having a chuckle as it made him look like a KKK.   By the time one gets to the end of the platform – jacket or not – one is completely soaked, but the view makes it all worthwhile.

View down from the platform

On the platform facing the falls

Walking out

Getting really wet


Checking it out

At base of elevator there's a huge splash

Water pounding some rocks

After this you go up an elevator and stand on another platform where you can see over the falls.  All in all it was a bunch of good photo opportunities.  On the way back to the parks buses we saw a few monkeys hopping around in a bamboo patch.  We tried to snap some pics but they were too fast.  So we caught the two buses all the way back to the hostel where we hung out for the night.

On top of falls

Looking down on falls


Falls - Dirty water coming down

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