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Top-10 Things I miss

Okay, I figured while I had time I’d make up this list of the top-10 things I miss about back home.  While I wouldn’t classify myself as “homesick” I’m at the point where I’m really itching for some of these comforts from back home.  So here’s a list of 10 things I miss (aside from obvious “family + Friends”):

#1 – A nice warm cup of Tim Hortons – I don’t think one can truly ever call themselves Canadian if this isn’t #1 on their list while on a long trip abroad… Right now I’m scheduled to land at 05:35 on Sept. 6th, so I’m scheduling a date with a sexy cup of this around 05:40…Included with this will be a Caramel Fritter…. mmmmm

#2 – My ipad.  I started really using this every morning as a newspaper (news + video updates = great), but being on this trip I realized how big books really are.  The reader itself make’s this thing worthwhile.  I didn’t want to bring my Macbook + ipad for risk of getting both stolen (take 1 but not both!).  I really want it to have some magazine’s to skim though… I’ve been downloading some in PDF format, but trying to read them on my macbook really sucks.  I just want to read a mag!

#3 – My Blackberry (9700).  I know, I know, Ben, 2 pieces of technology in the top 3? Come on your supposed to be getting “free” from the cluttered world.  Well being in a – cities that im not familiar with, and b) in a language I’m not familiar with, means this would be really handy having 3g wherever I go.  Translate things, GPS, and to actually call hostels BEFORE i get there to make sure they have rooms.  This would be priceless, and I can wait to have this in my pocket when I get back.

#3 – Resteraunts – While I’ve liked the food here (aside from Brazil), I really miss having a large selection/variety of restaurants to go to that are all relatively close.  Not to mention the fact restaurants back home would be open normal hours, and pretty much be counted on to deliver the goods in terms of a quality meal…which leads me to #4:

#4 – NORMAL hours.  This encompasses both working hours, and general time to do things.  All over South America the working hours are really scattered, want to go somewhere in the morning? Oh, sorry, we’re closed then… Okay, how about the afternoon? Oh, no we’re closed then to… Okay how about at night, say 22:00? Nope, we’re closed then to… Oh and not to mention the fact here people take FOREVER to do things.  If your hungry, your best to just walk into McDonalds.  You will still wait (at least 3 times a fast food place at home), but you’ll get your food BEFORE the urge to stab yourself with your fork sets in…. Your best to ask your bill when the waiter brings you food, maybe then you’ll have it by the time your done dessert.

#5 – My fellow Canadians as a whole.  Just the friendly factor should put this up here, but the helpfulness, humbleness, and politeness of ourselves is definitely missable.  And how about how multi-cultured we are?  Most countries here there are pretty distinctly looking people, to the point that I even stand out.  I do you miss just blending in.. a society where so many different looking people. One where nobody STARES at somebody who may have a different looking complexion then themselves.

#6 – Clean streets + Sidewalks… Okay well RELATIVELY clean streets + sidewalks (minus some gum and stuff in our big cities).  I used to adore stray dogs, thinking they were pretty cute having around.  After South America I’ve come to realize I despise them.  They crap all over the sidewalks turning them into a minefield of feces, which your bound to get into a mess with once it gets dark.

#7 – My bed – I think I will sleep the second I lay in it.  Just the comfort factor alone leaves me wanting to get a sound sleep in it right now.

#8 – Supermarkets – Here, they literally suck.  I’ll include COLD MILK in this.  They only have room-temperature milk, and it’s downright awfull.  Dairy aside, I just miss the variety of things available to us back home.  The stuff you do get here resembling stuff we have back home often tastes off from what we’re used to back home.  I get the feeling if we took a South American back home, and plopped them down in a Real Canadian Superstore, there jaw would hit ground… Sensory overload for sure.

#9 – TV/Movies – Television and movies I can get by without, BUT here they have TV’s in the rooms… It’s really getting me down seeing stuff Dubbed.  I mean it is literally making me angry.  I absolutely despise anyone who watches a dubbed movie or show (old Japanese Kung-Fu movies aside…their done for a humor factor).  How can anyone sit in front of something with the lips of the speaker COMPLETELY OFF from what is actually being said.  I went to go see The Last Airbender today only to find they’d slaughtered the film by dubbing it, so I refused to by a ticket.  Just put friggen subtitles below!  Dubbing aside, ya gotta admit PVR’s are great.  That also bumps this onto the list.

#10 – English – While I can get by in Spanish (and lesser so Brazilian Portugese) I really miss the ability to convey exactly what I am trying to say.

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