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Santiago: The Return

Aug 27th:  This morning we woke up somewhat early.  I rushed to pack all my things, checking everywhere to make sure I didn’t forget anything.  My bag (after all the wine + souvenirs) could barely close.  We caught a cab to the terminal and boarded our 10:00 bus to Santiago.

The border here was really disorganized.  They keep everybody in line according to their bus.  We lined up 20-30 mins for our exit stamp from Argentina only to get into another line for an entry stamp to Chile.  After this we rushed over to grab some sandwiches for lunch and re-board the bus, only to be driven 50m and told to grab all our stuff and get off the bus. We then had to wait 20 mins for the entire bus before us to go through customs.  It looked like they were giving someone trouble over something in their bag.  Then our bus finally was allowed to enter the customs room where we passed through in less than 10 mins.  After this we got back on the bus where I snoozed the rest of the way to Santaigo.

Me + the Andes at the border


Crossing the border

Once we got to Santiago we took the metro (where I nearly knocked over an old lady with my huge backpack) to our hostel (Che Lagarto.)  We were feeling lazy so we opted to just have the BBQ dinner at our hostel – which turned out alright.  We met some Brazilian guys here and chatted it up for a while before retiring into our room to watch Kick Ass on my laptop.

Aug 28th – This morning we went out to see the city (which I’d already seen.)  We didn’t make it a block before we saw a movie theatre.  The girls decided to check out Inception (which was 1 of 3 movies in English), which I had just recently seen with Paul in Rio De Janeiro, so I just headed to the main pedestrian road to walk around.  I finally checked out some “coffee with legs” at Cafe Haiti which is pretty well known in Santaigo – basically a coffee shop where the waitresses serve the coffees in really short, tight-fitting skirts.

I stumbled across a food court for lunch.  I had really been pheneing for Chinese food up to this point so was extremely giddy when I saw some here.  After this I walked around the University of Chile, which made me really appreciate the quality of the campus I’d had in my education at McMaster.

I went back to the hostel to hang out.  I chatted with a girl from San Diego who it turned out was a structural engineer.  She had just finished doing a study on the effects the earthquake here had on buildings, and put forth recommendations to the government for various recommendations.

When the girls got back we headed across the river to go up the cities central hill on the funicular.   We walked around here and checked out the statue of Mary before heading down and checking out an art market.  I picked up a little Ocarina here. We then went about searching for a restaurant.  It was really hard to find one, so we finally got fed up and went with the first one we saw: Chinese… great 2x in 1 day for me! I couldn’t take handling any noodles so I just opted for some Won Ton Soup.  It turned out to be the WORST Won Ton EVER!  Nothing wrapped up… Just the noodles floating there with various chunks of chicken scattered about.  I had to settle my appetite with some McDonalds after.

Up the Funicular

Funicular track

On top of the hill

Coco smiling as usual

It turned into another movie night… This time Hot Tub Time Machine.

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