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5 things I’ll miss, 5 things I won’t

Well here I sit for the last night of my trip and as usual I’m a bit torn about my emotions: sad the fun of this trip is coming to an end, but at the same time excited to be back home.  So here’s a list of 5 thing’s I’ll miss, and 5 thing’s I wont:

Will Miss:

1 – Exploring new places you’ve never been – There’s something refreshing about the need to pull out a map and try and navigate your way around foreign streets.

I've seen everythign from dirt roads to poop-filled roads

2 – Sleeping in… – Back to the real world means back to work + school… AKA actually getting up at set times

Catching some zZzZzZ's

3 – Nectar Juice – It seems I’m getting addicted to very specific juices on my trips abroad: Last year it was this type of Pomegranate Iced Tea sold in 7/11’s in Thailand, now it’s Watts Nectar Juice… I’m quite confident just like the Iced Tea I won’t be able to find this back home… *tear*

Disspointment when I accidently bought Orange instead of Nectar

4 – The openness of fellow travelers – Who doesn’t love the ability to just go up to random people in a hostel and start a conversation… Back home if you just went up to people and jumped in conversation about a place you’ve been, you’d be labeled a social deviant.

4 BFF's

5 – Food + Drink – Who doesn’t like trying new things?  It’s always good to try out local cuisines, and I already know that Chilean, Peruvian, Argentinian, Brazilian and Bolivian restaurants are few and far between back home… None the less I will search them out when I get back (of course after I fully switch back to a western diet.

San Pedro Chicken

Won’t Miss:

1 – Toilets – I actually despise the entire sewer system in South America.  Yes, I can honestly say (I don’t think you’ll hear this from anyone ever), that I LOVE the North American sewage system.  Being able to actually FLUSH used toilet paper is a something I will never take from granted ever again.  I find used to cringe at squat toilets, but this now takes the cake for me.  After doing my business here, I sometimes catch myself feeling sorry for the poor janitors here having anything to do with those garbage bins.

Typical South American Washroom

2 – Spanish – I want to – and fully believe I will – take Spanish lessons when I get back (for business/career and such), but with such limited ability to speak + subsequently convey the points I’m trying to make, I definitely won’t miss Spanish.  The last straw was a visit to the mall 2 days ago where I was in a store trying to ask for a fitting room.  I went through at least 8 employees and roughly 12-15 mins of time before an employee from upstairs came down that was taking english lessons and was glad to help me.

Can I kick it?

3 – Living out of a backpack – It just sucks trying to fit your life into a bag – No matter what George Clooney may preach.  Especially when your doing something that requires you to pick up gifts + souvenirs.  Not to mention every new city requires a repacking + unpacking of the bag.

A sample of packing

4 – Converting prices + Cash – I’ve gone through 5 different ones, and sometimes it’s a struggle to remember the rate (and forgetting the one from the country you just left).  I also despise the amount of coins (especially in Chile) and the LACK OF CHANGE in some places (notably Argentina.)  I just miss the Canadian Dollar.

Fistfull of Dollars

5 – Not working – Who thought anyone in their right mind would say this?  But yes, I’m at the time in my life where I’m hungry to advance my career.  Not to mention it’s always better to have money coming into ones bank account than to have it flowing out.

I wanna be a "Suit"

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