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So I was doing a little thinking lately of getting back on ‘the grind’ so to speak. You know, the old “need to get out there and make opportunities for yourself” sort of thing. HBO’s show (and my personal fav) ‘How to Make it in America’ came to mind. While searching for info on the premiere date for season two, I came across the following video of Kid Cudi (Domingo) and Bryan Greenburg chatting about the show.
We all know he’s a superstar in the music industry, but I find it oddly refreshing to see him take a patient approach to his acting career. He’s the bottom of the ladder so to speak on this show, and seems really content to take the steps to learn the ropes. I hope to see more of his character Domingo next season.
Anyways check out the clip, the (like me) go back and catch up on some episodes of the show to serve as motivation to get out there on the grind. Time for me to take some time to make my own opportunities for myself.

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