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Madagascar Coup

Al Jazeera is reporting that yet another Military coup has taken place in Madagascar.

I’m surpised at two things:

1 – The frequency of these coups within the country. (see the case of Margaret Thatchers son).  Forget Somalia, this country is pretty damn unstable.

2 – How military coup’s are still possible in this day and age.

Col Charles Andrianasoavina

Col Charles Andrianasoavina, the man who helped (the now former) president Andry Rajoelina gain the position earlier in the year, is the one leading 20 high-ranking officers leading the coup.

What’s being stated is that the officers taking part in the coup are claiming to ask for the release of political prisoners, national reconciliation, and exiles returned to the country.

It was done in the midst of a constitutional referendum, which would have acted to legitimize Rajoelina’s presidency.

Now nothing seems to add up here, but one thing to note according to Al Jazeera is that the country:

prized by foreign investors for its oil, nickel, cobalt and uranium deposits

If it is an effort on these generals parts to grab power + wealth before the switch to a stabile government, I just don’t know how Western Powers can stand  by idle.  It’s similar to Burma (although those generals have a strong tie to China), in the fact that the actual Military strength is somewhat lax.  With western powers moving forces out of Afghanistan and Iraq – why not bring some stability into these countries?

It would be a lot more beneficial and viable to aid in countries like these than to keep forces in Afghanistan to try and fix things there.  A more concise plan is needed there.  Here, near immediate results would be possible with the nation. They are also more compatible allies/future-trade-partners.

It’s time for these countries to progress.

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