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Backpack Mexico???

So beings the saga of ‘flash-trips’ AKA 1-2 wk trips to various countries…

As I said at the conclusion of my South America trip – I’m no longer going to be doing the long-haul (6-8 wk) backpacking trip, as I want to save money and focus on a career (entry level vacation time???).

I’ve always wanted to see Mexico – this will be country #23 in my lifetime travels – so it makes sense to do my first flash trip (somewhat) close to home.  Cost-wise it makes the most sense for me + my gf Princess.

Many ill-informed people are all worried about our safety down there… But that will tend to happen with people who don’t follow the news in depth – they see the killings occurring in Mexico CLOSE TO THE BORDER WITH AMERICA – and assume it means the entire country.  It would be like someone assuming all of Canada was involved in that Gang war in Vancouver/Fraser-Valley not so long ago.  To be honest – I have no worries whatsoever about our safety in the Yucatán Peninsula.  I heard it before on all my trips – (evidently every country in the world is the most dangerous one in the world to visit?) – so by now I tend to ignore the warnings.

With that said – it should be an interesting trip.  We’re trying to do the opposite of what most do: Backpacking in a Resort-filled area.  All true travellers know resorts aren’t true ‘travel.’  The way I look at it is this:

1 – At resorts I usually get bored at the beach after the 2nd day.

2 – I don’t want to have to pay over 1 g ‘to do nothing’ (AKA sit on a beach and read)

3 – When you want to do things at resorts, you generally get hosed to do it – A good deal would be 2x the actual price – but usually you end up paying 3x as much.

4 – Resorts have a higher proportion of ‘facepalm’ (AKA Stupid) guests.  TBH – we all enjoy the company of more intelligent individuals, who have something genuinely interesting to say, and don’t have preconceived/unjust views to them… Your more likely to have better company in hostels.  Thats where more educated + a more international crowd can be found.

So with all that said – I want to experience A more authentic Mexico.

We’re flying in around 19:00 to Cancun.  The plan is to catch the bus to the bus terminal, and walk to our hostel (1 blk from there), check in and grab some dinner.  From everything we’ve read – Cancun is expensive + overrated.  So we’re planning on heading right away the next AM to Tulum – and enjoying the beach there, before making our way back inland to the temples + such later in the week.

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