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Tuesday update

Saturday :
We got into the Cancun airport pretty late. The flight over made us sooooo happy to not be staying at a resort. It was idiotville on the airplane, and we just couldnt deal. There was a line for immigration that we had to wait in for at least an hour. More dramatics were here, as a coked out girl with her sketchy bf got into a arguement while in line…breaking up, tears, and getting back together all before getting their passports stamped. We were the last ones out of the airport (our bag just sitting on the ground beside the baggage carousel), but thankfully were able to snag the two last seats on the shuttle bus into downtown Cancun – thereby avoidingan hr long wait. Our hostel we booked was purposely near the bus terminal, so we didnt have to do much searching for it (literraly 40m beside the terminal). We dropped our bag before heading to an ATM to widraw some Peso’s. A McDonalds was right beside our withdrawl point, so we were feeling lazy and tired and just decided to eat dinner here (10 McNuggets for under $5!) On the way back Pee’s sandals busted, so i ended up piggy-backing her back to the hostel. We ended up hitting the hay at midnight – only to have a girl in our dorm wake us twice with sporadic turning on of the lights.

First thing Monday AM we got our breakfast of spanish eggs and tortillas. Then we quickly packed up our bags and caught (5mins to spare) a bus heading for the town of Tulum. We didnt have a hostel booked (the online ones were sold out) so we had to do some walking and searching. The first three we asked had no vacancy, so we jumped at the first one that had rooms availible – the casa del sol – without really barteriwng. We probably got slightly ripped off ($26 USD), but without rooma avaialible elswhere we didnt want to risk it, and just booked the room. Wit was an evevated cabana. After dropping the bags we walked into town, took a gander, and got some good Mexican food for dinner. We chilled out the rest of the afternoon while we organized the rest of our trip. The temperatured dropped overnight and all we had was a thing sheet, so we huddled up trying to keep warm all night.

We got up at 6:30 and headed out on our rented bikes in an attempt to beat the rush of tourists in seeing the Mayan ruins of Tulum. We ended up getting to the ruins at 7:30 thinking (from our Rough Guides Mexican guidebook) that the ruins opened at 7…Nope it was 8:00, so we hung out with a few other early rising visitors before walking thru the ruins right at 8:00. The ruins themselves were rather small (it took us only 1 hr of slow walking/gandering to go thru them), but it was quite breathtaking because its right on the cliffs and has its own little beaches. We cracked jokes about the groundskeepers (1 working, 5 observing, thereforee the 1 must be a co-op/intern student). We saw some lizards on the bldings and the rocks heading up from the beach. After the ruins we bikes along the beachside road, before a couple of tourists recommended we try out this restaraunt. So off we hopped, and had ourselves some nice fajitas. The restaraunt was right on the beach, so we locked up the bikes and chijlled on the beach for a couple of hours. After soaking up some rays we biked back through town, then headed 4kms out of town to the breathtakg Grand Cenote. These caves were amazing, and you could either snorkel/swim around them, or if you had the training – scuba through the underground part of it. There were a bunch of little fish swiming around with, and some turtles chilling on lillipads, but other than that it was a fun experience. After the cenote, we biked back into town (stopping to pick up some stuff from the groceries). We dropped the bikes at the hostel and went out to grab some cheap chicken (the best in town!), I had a half chicken (which was more like a full chicken) and Pee had a quarter chicken (more like a half) all for $7. We then grabbed some snacks and walked the town before watching some MadMen and Californication before hiqtting the hay. Thankfully the temperatu was back to normal Mexican weather, so we slept perfectly without freezing our butts off!

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