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Rumble in Tahrir Square

And so it beging – A rumble in Tahrir square.  Mubarak supporters have finally come out the woodwork to make their voices heard, and are now clashing with the anti-government supporters in Tahrir square, in utter rock-throwing mayhem.

AJE - Clashes break out in Tahrir Square

There were even some men riding in with Camels and Horses.  Initially this scattered the masses, until a bunch of people ran after them, and pulled the riders off – promptly beating the hell out of the rider while sending the horse/camel off in a new direction.  Here is the vid:

My assessment from the other day seems well placed.  All signs are now pointing to Mubarak loosing his power in the near-future, despite his speech yesterday stating he would not run for re-election in the next election.  The people are soon going to have him out of there, it’s just a matter of when.

Friday Prayers could be the next big day (not that todays evens aren’t “Big” themselves).  That’s when protests were the largest last week, and it looks to be an impending “day to watch” to see what direction the country will go.

NY TImes - An effigy of President Hosni Mubarak hung from a traffic light in Tahrir Square in Cairo on Tuesday

As for Mubarak trying to hold power until elections, it really makes no sense.  He knows he’s done, with his staunch American supporters and the Obama administration is now abandoning him.  The only thing I can see is buying him/his corrupt regime time to carefully extract finances needed to leave the country and live a life of luxury.  We’ve seen what’s happened to the corrupt Tunisian leaders having their assets frozen.  People are right to want him out now, and should be monitoring the power/resources he controls closely while he still clings to power.

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