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Future of 3D Called This Weekend?

This upcoming weekend – overshadowed by events overseas – we might just witness the future of 3D movies in theatres.  James Cameron’s Sanctum comes out – the tale of an adventure in South Pacific caves.  Unlike alot of the “imitator” 3D’s this one was shot and conceived in 3D.

The state of 3D movies has been in flux as of late with various directors (Christopher Nolan’s new batman) opting to forgo shooting in 3D.  There was alot of 3D hype with Avatar – the future of movie experiences – but it has died as of late.  This weekends box-office showing should tell whether or not consumers continue with this trend – opting to pay more for the experience – or drop it.

As excited as I am to see another James Cameron filmed in 3D – I’m more excited for this adventure/exploration genre of film heading mainstream/big budget.  Everyone knows my love of outdoor adventure, so im really excited for this film to come out.

Last night I caught up on some cave-news by watching the National Geographic doc: “Worlds Biggest Cave” about the discovery of the worlds biggest cave in Vietnam.

NGC - Worlds Biggest Cave

Here’s a vid from the Dutch channel for National Geographic:

All this makes me want winter to pass, so I can do some summer exploration.  It also made me think back to all the crazy caves I’ve been in through my life.

So who’s going to watch this?

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