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The Pirates are Back!!!

Somalian Pirates

Jack Sparrow won’t may his return until May 20th, but the ‘peak-season’ for real pirates is happening now.  The Economist just recently had this article discussing the problem.  And according to this chart – it’s the worst yet:

Here’s the scary thought:

Since then attacks have been running at the rate of more than one a day. According to the International Maritime Bureau, which posts live data on raids, Somali pirates hold 33 vessels and 758 hostages. In January alone the bureau recorded 35 attacks. The raiders took seven ships and 148 new hostages. The United Nations estimates the annual cost of piracy in the Indian Ocean at between $5 billion and $7 billion. Later this month, as the monsoon ends and the seas calm, attacks will multiply and the numbers of ships and hostages held will rise (see chart).

I saw this chart while I was reading the magazine in ibooks on my ipad:

So logically – I thought to myself – Why not try and look for these ships on Google Earth???

Well I tried – and apparently I’m not as Google-Earth knowledgeable as I thought – It appears the ships aren’t visible from it.  Somalia as a whole just appeared to be a bunch of sand obscured by cloud formations in Google Earth, but I did stumble across this Google Earth file that actually clarified the location of Pirate bases and ships…

It’s interested to take a gander at:


The world’s eyes are obviously focused on the Arab world in lieu of these two groundbreaking revolutions, and it appears to be the perfect cover for the Somalian pirates.  With so much money being lost on this, the world needs to refocus it’s attention… The quality of coverage on Egypt is beginning to lag… There are other things happening in the world, and there’s no point in dragging on coverage.

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