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Halong Bay, Vietnam – 12 dead

Downed boat in Halong Bay

12 people have just died in a sinking of a ‘junk-boat’ in Halong Bay.  It really hits home for me, as it’s a tourist site that I’ve placed as my favourite of all time.

Of the dead – 7 were women, 20-25 years old.  Right in my age range.  It sank at 5 am in calm waters – a time on our trip when we were in an alcohol-induced deep sleep.  The boats hull is apparently to blame.

Going off what I remember of the boats, if water comes in your somewhat screwed, but there is opportunity to escape.  You can’t get through the portholes in the rooms, but there is a hallway that runs right through the middle of the boat’s that goes right up to the deck, so theoretically if it starts sinking, you should be able to bust your door open to go out agains the inflowing water (or at least get air)…. If anyone remembers any more specific deck details let me know how off/on I am.

Halong-Bay was truly breaktaking.  The waters aren’t cold (mainly muddy with Jellyfish), and there is lots of islands to swim to.

I remember how relaxing it was sitting up on the deck looking out on the scenery.  I even got to drive the boat through a Chinese shipping lane for 10 mins en-route back to the harbour.

My thoughts go out to the friends + family who lost their lives

Here’s the link to an article on the accidet.

Here are some pic’s from my trip to Halong:

Me at Halong Bay

Here's us on the Junk Boat

My Shipmates in Halong Bay

The view from Deck - Me + Duncan

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