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Brazilian Portugese

For those of you who haven’t been in touch with me lately – I’ve been working on a personal development plan for the remainder of 2011 which I am slowly (but surely) implementing over reading week.  Some notable areas:

1 – Language studies – I’ve always wanted to learn a second language.  “But Ben your Canadian – don’t you learn French?”…. Well my international amigo’s, I was raised just outside of Vancouver – which is far removed from the French-speaking province of Quebec, and being the naive-little high-schoolers we are out there nobody ever really takes the effort to learn it properly because we – as British Colombians – never expect to go to Quebec in our lives.  So learning French I took a pass on because I didn’t expect to need it… how naive indeed.

But that matters not!  I’ve set the goal to practice 5hrs/wk to learn Brazilian Portuguese (yes – it is quite different from regular Portuguese).  Why?

Well I wanted one that would be an applicable long-term career-booster.  The three big emerging markets as we all know: Brazil, China, and India.  There is no point in learning Punjabi/Hindi since almost all Indians learn English – thereby eliminating the need for one of those languages in the business-environment.  While I do want to learn Mandarin – a more applicable one for me would be Portuguese since I’ve already been to Brazil, seen it, and know I already like it and wouldn’t mind having business deals there in the future.  Wish me luck!

2 – Personal – Those who know me know that I’m pretty straight up.  I’m honest and I don’t lie – which sometimes comes off as rude to some people.  That said I do notice that I do have a little bit of a potty-mouth when I’m by myself/around my close friends (note: NOT in a class/public/professional/business environment)… I drop F-bombs at myself when I do something stupid or forget something… So I’m making a conscious effort to rectify that.

3 – Personal Finances – Some say I’ve pissed away too much of my money traveling – but I actually view those 4 backpacking trips as well worth it as an investment.  I don’t go clubbing/boozing it at pubs as it seems repetitive to me – so I’ve saved up $ in that regard.  I’d say I actually have more saved up/am on par with my peers – the difference: they’ve had bland repetitive weekend experiences, whereas I’ve experienced 23 amazing countries.

That said, I realize I’m actually entering an actual career here out of my Marketing Management Program at Sheridan.  I want to use, allocate, and save this money wisely.  I remember when I was in quarantine in a Vietnamese Hospital for Swine-Flu – I just stared up at the ceiling for a week saying to myself: “Ben It’s time you get your S*** together” (Note: see that potty-mouth Ben back then?)… Finances and getting a house was a big part of that.

So I’ve set Tuesday Mornings (my day off class) to read finance-blogs/RSS feeds targeted at mid-20’s Canadians.  My favorites ones thus far: The Young and Thrifty and Give Me Back My Five Bucks.

And I’m actually going to keep track:

-Weekly Spending tallies

-Monthy Net Worth Change

-Monthly Goals/Targets.



So there you have it – just a sneek-peek at the new Ben Holbrook you’ll see for the remainder of 2011.

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