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Nuclear Plant Worries

The devastation of this weeks earthquake in Japan has made the worlds collective jaws hit the floor.  In lieu of Haiti’s quake along with the recent Japan quake, people are paying more attention to seismologists.

This devastating event should get people to make more attention to another threat to humanity – this one man made: Nuclear Power Stations.

They have one of the more efficient lobbyists + PR teams in the world.  Most people seem to ignore this drastically irrational threat we create for ourselves… Why?  All you need to do is do a quick readup on the Bhopal or Chernobyl disasters.

Japan has 3 danger-locations near the epicenter:

The Japanese people should be up-in-arms regarding the concern/threat they face due to this facility – and possible repercussions of radiation if the worst-case-scenario comes to fruition.

I find it eerie that on Tuesday I watched Michael Madsen’s documentary ‘Into Eternity‘ about the Finish government’s plan to dispose of Nuclear waste (200,000 yr life) through the Onkalo Waste Repository.  It was an eye-opening film making you think into the future and making one think of how bad this nuclear technology can harm future generations – and even more creepy – future PEOPLES.  With such a long life – the ice-age will wipe out humanity living in locations such as Finland, Canada, Sweden – this nuclear waste will be around these locations longer than we humans will.

Here is the trailer:

I just can no longer see the benefits of Nuclear Power Plants/Reactors.  I’m taking a more Holistic/Universal view on this by saying in the long run – they risks outweigh the benefits.

What do you think???

It’s kind of scary knowing theirs a nuclear reactor nearby at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario – my old school.

here is a link to a video on McMasters reactor:


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