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Fresh Start – Change #1: Video Production

Well – I’ve been busy lately.  I just wrapped up my marketing coop work term and now am applying for marketing/advertising jobs, but I’ve decided to get more out of my spare time… What the heck as the saying goes: “I can sleep when I’m dead” – right?

So I’ve had to hit the reset button so to speak, and give myself a fresh start to coincide with the (inevitable) big change of a new job (whenever it occurs)… So here it is Change #1

I have to start practicing video production alongside my photography.

I cam across this amazing video of a trip to Vietnam (which btw – appears to have visited the exact same locations Duncan + I saw on our trip), and it makes me really want to improve my skills.

I really want to start bringing back material like this.  Sure, my sort of trips are infused with a huge serving of humour – as me and my travel mates always seem to come back with a ridiculously large amount of inside jokes/laugh-our-guts-out memories that can only be conveyed with video including speech.  But I think that’s the sort of thing thats gotta be kept special between the parties that were physically there.

There’s something to be said for this sort of travel video.  Having the visuals, with no vocals, and a nice background tune.  People are still captivated by the scenery – and it really is some quality work.  What do you think – good stuff? Or do people prefer corresponding vocals?

I love this sort of stuff and you very likely will see me + my  Canon T1i wandering the streets of Toronto as I start to gather video.

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