Where to start? I am in my mid-20’s  currently residing in Oakville, Ontario.  I grew up in Abbotsford B.C. until I moved to Ontario to attend McMaster University.  I got my B.A. in 2009, with my major being Communication Studies.  I also received a post-graduate certificate in Marketing Management in 2011.  This blog will cover three key areas of interest in my life; Design, Traveling, and Writing (Journalism: world beat, photojournalism, and Sports).

I would have to say my interest in travel stems from early childhood trips with the family, down the west coast of America and overseas to the U.K. Then in 2005 I went on my first trip to Europe, visiting relatives in Hungary before joining up with my friend Vlad and seeing Romania.  That was the trip that really spawned my desire to see the world.  In the summer of 2007 I went back to Europe, starting off in Madrid and Barcelona for a week with Vlad, before doing a Contiki trip solo.  After seeing a good chunk of Europe I met back up with Vlad and checked out Hungary and Romania again.

As far as journalism goes, by biggest area of interest would have to be sports.  I’ve be a follower of lots of sports since I was young including Soccer, Hockey, Football, Basketball, Baseball.  I also enjoy MMA, Boxing, Formula-1 Racing, Rugby, Tennis, Cycling, and Golf.  I’m a big fan of the Vancouver Canucks, Toronto Raptors, Toronto Blue Jays, Manchester United, Toronto F.C., Lewis Hamilton, Rafael Nadal, Georges St-Pierre, and the Buffalo Bills.  At McMaster I wrote sports for the student newspaper The Silhouette.

I’ve always been capitvated by war-zone & undercover journalism.  Conflicts throughout the globe recieve such miniscule attention compared to other ‘newsworthy’ events occuring in our little bubble of a society known as North America.  I’m always interested in how the contflict’s are portrayed/framed in the media, and how that effects the knowledge (or lack thereof) in our society.  In a ‘globalized’ society the lack of connectiveness on our part always perplexes me.  This also led into my interest in photojournalism.  I’ve seen various reports that stunningly convey a story through pictures.

I also have a keen interest in design, both in the form of art and engineering.  Although not an expert (or for that matter formally educated) in either sector, I’ve always had a pull towards them.  Architecture, through it’s innovation and history, is an aesthetically pleasing way of representing something.  Artistically, as a communications student, the marketing sector is always an area of focus, with their ‘alluring’ images provoking people to consume.

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